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Privacy Policy of Fungeti

  1. General provisions

Thank you for taking time and reading the Privacy Policy of the website (the “Website”), (all together the “Privacy Policy”).

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to introduce and provide users of the Website (the “User“) with information on the purpose, scope, term of processing of personal data and personal rights arising from the purchase of goods or services in the Website’s online store. All information provided on the Website is used, processed and stored in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable law requirements. By using the Website, you consent to the processing of the personal data you provide by registering and/ or using the services of the Website.We highly respect and do care about the protection of your privacy and personal data and therefore process your personal data in accordance with the applicable law – local and international, and other applicable legislation governing privacy and data processing issues and best practices.

  1. Personal data collected

When purchasing Fungeti services on the Website, the following information is obtained:a) name, e-mail address, telephone number, customer’s bank details;b) the User submits this data voluntarily when making a purchase on the Website, in addition to giving consent to the Privacy Policy.User’s data is also received in the following cases:a) information about the User’s computer, as well as visiting and using the Website (including your geographical location, type of Internet browser, device you use to view the Website);b) information about any transactions that have taken place between you and Fungeti (including information related to orders).

  1. Purposes of use

User’s data is processed for the following purposes:a) to ensure the sale of services in the Website’s online store without which the services would not be possible;b) to send you the e-mails you have subscribed to;c) to obtain statistics on the number of visits to the Website. These statistics do not identify the person;d) to obtain statistics for the review and analysis of the history of purchases, as well as for purposes justified by law requirements and obligations;f) respond to your questions, suggestions or complaints about the Website and the operation of the online store.

  1. Cookies

The Website uses cookie technology. A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when it is opened. A cookie helps the Website to remember the settings you have made (such as language, downloaded images, display settings, etc.) with which you have chosen to view the Website, so that you do not have to specify and reload them each time.Cookies are necessary to provide the services provided to the User, as well as to analyze its activities on our Website and provide a higher quality service.These cookies inform us whether you have previously visited our Website or are a new User and which information you have viewed on our Website. The cookies we use do not store any personal information about you and do not offer us the opportunity to contact you, nor do the cookies download any information from your computer.Cookies are used in order to:a) remember settings on your screen (such as language, font size, etc.);b) obtain statistics (such as how you got here, number of visitors, time spent, etc.) in order to improve and optimize the operation of the Website;c) ensure that advertising appropriate to your needs is displayed on other websites.
We use persistent cookies to provide you with greater convenience. Cookies that remember which banners the User has already closed for once are stored for one hour, while cookies that recognize the selected language are stored for one month.The Website also uses third-party cookies. 

  1. Third parties

Our employees and business partners use the data only for the purposes mentioned above and in compliance with the requirements of law and this Privacy Policy.We do confirm that we always cooperate only with reliable partners who ensure compliance with the requirements of law. However, we draw your attention to the fact that no electronic storage method is absolutely secure, reliable and invulnerable, and we cannot guarantee its absolute security.We do not disclose your personal data to other third parties, except:a) with your express and unambiguous consent;b) persons provided for in law, in accordance with the procedures and to the extent specified therein;c) in cases specified in law, for the protection of legitimate interests;d) maintainers and processors of databases and websites.

  1. Storage

The data on the Website is stored in accordance with the usual, generally accepted security requirements. We invite the Users of the Website to be aware that any information transmitted via the Internet is not 100% secure and the User must take responsibility for what information is provided to the service providers and to what extent.The duration of data storage depends on the type of data and in compliance with the requirements of the law and the following principles:a) the data are necessary for the purpose for which they were received;b) the data subject and we can exercise our legitimate interests in accordance with the procedures specified in the law (submit objections or bring an action in court);c) there is a legal obligation to storage personal data provided by the law;d) the data subject’s consent to the relevant processing of personal data is valid, unless there is another lawful basis for the processing.All personal data is stored within term provided by the law and is then deleted.

  1. User rights

The User has the following rights:a) to request the complete deletion of its data from the Website;b) to agree or refuse to receive news by e-mail;c) to request personal data – to find out all the data we have collected about you during the cooperation.

  1. Amendments and communication

Fungeti reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy without prior notice. The latest version of the Privacy Policy, which is published on the Website, replaces all previous versions of the Privacy Policy.Should you have any further questions on use of data, request to delete data from our system or obtain other information about your data, please contact us by writing to

+ text of the cookies

Fungeti and third parties are using cookies for the operation of this Website and marketing cookies. To change or refuse the use of cookies, please see “Cookies settings” in your web browser. For more information please read the regulations of “Privacy Policy” on cookies.