The Science Behind
The Mushrooms

There are over 6 million species of fungi on this planet, yet just 10 were selected for the Day A1TM formula.

Each mushroom was chosen having demonstrated strong evidence in scientific studies and clinical trials for improving mental and physical health.

From the immune system to the nervous system, from the gut to the brain, Day A1 TM delivers the mushrooms you need to feel your best every single day.

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Day A1TM Under The Microscope

Cordyceps Mushroom – 266mg

Action: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Aging Effects, Mood Enhancer, Increases Memory, Improves Athletic Performance, Boosts Libido

Bioactivities: : For hundreds of years, this fungus helped practitioners of traditional medicine treat a wide variety of medical conditions. Scientific research on Cordyceps has found much, but there is a lot more to discover.

Researchers credit Cordycepin and Cordycepic Acid for most of the benefits of the fungi. The mushroom brings about some of the positive changes by stabilizing blood sugar, ATP production, and improving oxygen utilization.
The Cordyceps mushroom is also known for its powerful antioxidant properties. These properties neutralize free radicals and decrease oxidative stress, thereby mounting an anti-inflammatory campaign on many age-related ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and age-related cognitive degeneration.
In traditional medicine, the Cordyceps mushroom is considered a natural aphrodisiac. It helps regulate important enzymes, steroids, and boost testosterone levels. It’s regularly recommended to treat sexual problems and improve sexual health.

Nootropic Benefits: Until a few decades ago only people in their late 40s, developed lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, early symptoms of cognitive decline, etc.
Nowadays, due to increased stress and poor lifestyle, even people in their 20s are vulnerable to lifestyle disorders.
In an animal study, mice that took the mushroom lived longer. The mushroom also helped improve sexual performance, memory, and learning ability in mice.
Regular use of Cordyceps helps in improving athletic performance. The active ingredients in the mushroom improve oxygen utilization by muscles. This allows athletes to work harder and longer.  According to a study, the VO2 level increased by 7% in participants who took cordyceps every day.
The mushroom’s ability to increase blood flow throughout the body, more particularly to the brain and sexual organs, helps treat many sexual problems such as low libido and erectile dysfunction. The nootropic is known to boost sexual health in both men and women.
In animal studies, Cordyceps has shown promise in alleviating depression and improving mood. Apart from a general improvement of mood, the mushroom is found to increase memory as well.

Reishi Mushroom – 266mg

Action: Treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Treats Age-related Cognitive Decline, Fights Anxiety and Depression, Improves Immune System, Anti-Cancer Properties

Bioactivities: Reishi is one of the most commonly used mushrooms in the world. It’s mainly used as an adaptogen; often recommended to people to enable them to handle stressful and difficult situations.

The mushroom contains many helpful molecules. The most effective molecules in Reishi are Peptidoglycans, Polysaccharides, and Triterpenoids. These molecules perform several useful functions.
Regular use of Reishi, as extract or powder form, is known to support Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). The mushroom is also a potent antioxidant with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging action.
The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of Reishi support the body’s immune system to effectively fight any infection.
Next only to the brain, our gut contains the highest number of nerve cells. Hence, our gut is rightly called the second brain. Reishi improves mental and physical health by improving the intestinal microbiome.

Nootropic Benefits: In a study, the use of Reishi extract showed considerable improvement in quality of life. It also helped in effectively treating chronic fatigue syndrome.
The same study found the mushroom equally effective in decreasing anxiety and depression. Reishi’s impact on treating anxiety is largely due to its adaptogenic properties.
Gradual decline in cognition is expected as we age. But the rate of cognitive decline varies from person to person. By supporting Nerve Growth Factor production, Reishi slows down neurodegeneration.
The increased presence of NGF also helps increase attention span, memory, and mental sharpness. The mushroom’s cognition-improving effects are further strengthened by its anti-inflammatory properties.
Some studies investigating the anti-cancerous properties of the mushroom found that the active molecules decreased the growth of tumors in the intestine and the prostate gland.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom – 266mg

Action: Reduces Inflammation and Oxidative Stress, Eliminates Brain Fog, Reduces Neurodegeneration, Boosts Cognition, Reduces Anxiety and Depression, Prevents Lifestyle Diseases

Bioactivities: Also called Brain Tonic, Lion’s Mane offers several cognitive enhancing benefits. The mushroom is effective in decreasing the risk of age-related neurodegeneration.

Three areas of the body receive the maximum benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Immune System, Nerves, and the Brain.
On reaching the brain, the active compounds in the mushroom stimulate the release of the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). Among other things, NGF is also responsible for neurogenesis, a process in which damaged neurons are repaired and new neurons are created.
The Lion’s Mane Mushroom also improves brain health by reducing amyloid plaques, which are proteins that hamper the free movement of electric signals between brain cells.
The mushroom is also a powerful antioxidant. The antioxidant compounds – polypeptides, polysaccharides, and beta-glucoxylan – decrease inflammation and strengthen the immune system.

Nootropic Benefits: Produced in the Hippocampus, the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) plays a vital role in several cognitive functions. Due to age or other factors, any reduction in NGF can affect several brain functions. Taking Lion’s Mane Mushroom can improve learning, memory, and concentration by stimulating NFG that in turn boosts neuroplasticity and modulates the cholinergic receptors.
Inflammation and oxidative stress is the root cause of many problems. By reducing inflammation, the mushroom reduces the risk of several lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, fat metabolism, etc.
Lion’s Mane is instrumental in creating nerve cells, repairing damaged brain cells, and stimulating neurotransmitters and other brain chemicals. In addition to improving memory and learning, these actions in the brain help relieve anxiety and depression.

Shiitake Mushroom – 266mg

Action: Strengthens Immune System, Improves Heart Health, Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Improves Mood, Increases Energy Levels

Bioactivities: Shiitake is an edible mushroom quite popular worldwide. It’s used as a vegetable and a powerful supplement to improve physical and cognitive health.

The mushroom is rich in several vitamins (Vitamin B5, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Folate, and Vitamin D) and minerals (Selenium, Copper, Zinc, and Manganese). This fungus is rich in amino acids that are normally found only in meat.
Shiitake houses several beneficial compounds. It has three compounds (Beta-glucans, Sterols, and Eritadenine) that directly help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.
Some of the compounds in the mushroom are believed to target cancer cells through their anti-inflammatory action.
Studies show the polysaccharides in the mushroom decrease inflammation and improve immune markers, thereby strengthening the immune system.
As we age, our bones become weak and brittle. Although osteoporosis can affect anyone, it’s more common in women than in men. The UV-enhanced mushroom, with its rich stock of vitamin D, can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Nootropic Benefits: Shiitake supplementation is known to improve energy levels. The vitamins and nutrients in the mushroom improve energy metabolism and better absorption of energy by the body.
Not only age, unhealthy lifestyle, and stress weaken the immune system. Through its anti-inflammatory properties, the mushroom strengthens the immune system.
Shiitake improves heart health through its three compounds. The mushroom inhibits the cholesterol-producing enzyme, restricts cholesterol absorption in the intestines, and also supplies healthy fiber that can reduce cholesterol.
Studies show these compounds are equally effective in reducing blood pressure. According to a study, taking supplements with Shiitake mushrooms improved bone density in mice.
Shiitake acts as a mood enhancer both directly and indirectly. The vitamin D in the mushroom regulates mood and reduces depression. Studies show that the anti-inflammatory properties of Shiitake promoted a positive emotional outlook in cancer patients.

Maitake Mushroom

Action: Treats Chronic Fatigue, Relieves Depression, Adaptogenic Action, Improves Insulin Resistance and Cholesterol

Bioactivities: Like other mushrooms on our list, Maitake contains potent antioxidant molecules that fight inflammation. A potent anti-inflammatory supplement like Maitake can help fight cancer cells and prevent their growth.

Studies show that Maitake supplements help reduce depression. The mushroom relieves depression and improves mood by reducing AMPA expression. Its adaptogenic properties help the body during stressful conditions.
The mushroom boosts cognition, mainly in the elderly, by reducing inflammation and increasing neurite growth.

Nootropic Benefits: Used frequently in Japanese traditional medicine, the Maitake mushroom offers a wide range of benefits. It’s widely used to treat diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, allergies, hepatitis, and to assist cancer therapies.
As a nootropic, the mushroom is often taken to improve mood, alleviate depression, boost energy, and treat age-related cognitive decline.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Action: Fights Inflammation and Oxidative Stress, Improves Cellular Health, Strengthens Immune System, Enhances Gut Health, Improves Athletic Performance

Bioactivities: The multicolored fungus is packed with antioxidants that eliminate free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

The flavonoids, phenols, and other antioxidants in the mushroom prevent the users from developing disorders including cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, dementia, etc.
Two other compounds – polysaccharide (PSP) and Krestin (PSK) – reduce inflammation and promote certain immune cells. By doing so, these polysaccharides strengthen the immune system.
The Turkey Tail mushroom is loaded with fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients that create a healthy gut environment.

Nootropic Benefits: Inflammation and oxidative stress are to blame for premature aging. Taking Turkey Tail mushroom would help stem the natural wear and tear and delay cognitive and physical aging.
By boosting gut health, the mushroom is believed to ensure better absorption of nutrients, resulting in more energy and better athletic performance. The antioxidants in the fungi clear free radicals and toxins to improve cellular health.

Chaga Mushroom

Action: Powerful Antioxidant, Analgesic Properties, Improves Memory and Learning, Lowers Sugar and Cholesterol, Synergistic Effect, Anti-mutagenic, and Anti-tumor Properties

Bioactivities: The antioxidants in the mushroom act as scavengers, removing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress.

Its long-term anti-inflammatory action helps boost immunity. Chaga mushroom strengthens the immune system’s fight against viruses and bacteria by stimulating the white blood cells.
The antioxidants in Chaga are also known to prevent diabetes and heart diseases by lowing blood sugar and cholesterol. The high antioxidant content in Chaga has a strong anti-cancer effect that decreases the growth of cancer cells.

Nootropic Benefits: Found mainly in the northern hemisphere, Chaga, as part of traditional medicine, is used to improve immunity and boost memory.
In the brain, the mushroom acts as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. The supplement prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine – the neurotransmitter responsible for memory, learning, and other crucial cognitive functions.
The mushroom also has analgesic properties, which reduces muscle pain, enabling athletes to train harder and longer.

Royal Sun Agaricus

Action: Reduces Inflammation, Fights Oxidative Damage of the Brain, Boosts Physical and Mental Energy, Strengthens Immunity

Bioactivities: The presence of vitamins, minerals, and compounds such as beta-glucans make the Royal Sun Agaricus one of the best health and cognition-enhancing supplements.

While Royal Sun Agaricus may not be as popular as Reishi, Cordyceps, or Lion’s Mane, the mushroom is not any less effective.
Its antioxidant properties fight oxidative stress throughout the body, but its main focus is to support the brain. The antioxidants in this mushroom fight to slow down cell damage in the brain, thereby reducing age-related cognitive decline.
The Royal Sun Agaricus mushroom is also rich in B-complex vitamins and CoQ10; both are essential for energy metabolism.

Nootropic Benefits: The mushroom is also loaded with minerals, phospholipids, and linoleic acids that boost energy levels. These substances also help fight oxidative stress by effectively removing free radicals and waste materials from the cell.

White Button Mushroom

Action: Improve Mood, Strengthens Immune System, Lowers Sugar and Cholesterol, Reduces Oxidative Stress

Bioactivities: Compared to exotic mushrooms, the white button mushroom might appear boring and unappealing, but they are not less healthy.

The white button mushroom is rich in vitamin D, which is vital for bone health, muscle strength, immunity, and mental health.
Along with vitamins, the mushroom also has many useful minerals and antioxidant compounds. Beta-glucan, along with other compounds, helps boost the immune system.
The mushroom also contains vitamin C, selenium, glutathione, ergothioneine, polysaccharides, and polyphenols. These compounds fight oxidative stress and their anti-inflammatory properties help fight cancer cell growth.

Nootropic Benefits: Vitamin D supplements are often recommended during winters to beat the winter blues. By supplying the body with essential vitamins, including vitamin D, the mushroom alleviates mood disorders.
The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals work in tandem to control sugar levels and cholesterol. By keeping a check on inflammatory processes, these compounds prevent premature aging of the brain and body.

Black Fungus Auricularia

Action: Improves Gut Health, Boosts Cognition, Improves Heart and Bone Health, Antioxidant Properties

Bioactivities: This edible mushroom with its jelly-like consistency is widely used for its nutritional benefits. The mushroom is rich in fiber, which helps improve gut health.

Similar to other mushrooms, the Black Fungus Auricularia Mushroom is rich in antioxidants, which help to fight inflammation and oxidative stress.
Studies show that a diet rich in polyphenols reduces the risk of chronic conditions and cancer. The mushroom improves heart health by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Nootropic Benefits: The antioxidants preserve brain functions which help both the young and old. In youngsters, the antioxidants give a cognitive boost. Whereas, taking this mushroom could fight the age-related cognitive decline in the elderly.

The Team behind Fungeti Are Strong Fungi Fanatics

Our dream is to make the perfect formula, to make those rare and unique ingredients easily accessible to open-minded and health-conscious individuals, helping them to feel great, be healthy and achieve their goals in any given condition. Fungi has a long history with humanity – ancient East imperators used Reishi ‘mushroom of immortality’ nearly 2000 years ago. But today, when the world is becoming more and more connected, our scientists get the unique opportunity to combine fungi from all around the globe into one perfect Day A1TM capsule. We take Royal Sun fungus from Brazil, Black Fungus from Africa, Chaga from Siberia, Cordyceps from Thailand, and add 6 more rare fungi. The result is a vegan, all-natural super supplement specifically formulated to enhance your immunity and boost your concentration and energy all day long. FUNGETI supplements conduct constant research verified lab tests with strict standards in an American FDA registered facility that is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices). We set the highest administrative principles for clinical testing of our products, which sets us apart and will permit you to upgrade your brain and body with nature’s best ingredients.

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